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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Lan Cai, 37 books
Yu, Guangzhong, 13 books
Jie Tao, 13 books
Qiuyu Yu, 12 books
Yingtai Long, 11 books
Xiaoxian Zhang, 11 books
He, Ruiyuan, 11 books
Zengqi Wang, 10 books
Shumin Bi, 10 books
Qiao Dong, 10 books
Bingxin, 9 books
Lemin Ou, 9 books
Lin, Yutang, 9 books
Liu, Yong, 9 books
Yu Liqing, 8 books
Lin, Fei, 8 books
Han Han, 8 books
Guoping Zhou, 8 books
Li, Bihua., 8 books
Bihua Li, 8 books
Yu, Qiuyu., 7 books
Manjuan Zhang, 7 books
Meng Wang, 7 books
Sanmao, 7 books
Boyang, 7 books


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