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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Manjuan Zhang, 16 books
Feng, Menglong, 10 books
Lu Xun, 10 books
Zhizhu, 10 books
Pu Songling, 8 books
Ke, Ling, 7 books
He, Zi., 7 books
Wenxuan Cao, 7 books
Yueran Zhang, 7 books
Mao Dun, 6 books
Ailing Zhang, 6 books
Bihua Li, 6 books
Gladys Yang, 5 books
Zidong Xu, 5 books
Anyi Wang, 5 books
Ba, Jin, 5 books
Lao, She, 4 books
Da Lei, 4 books
Haitao Liu, 4 books
Xin Guo, 4 books
Shen, Congwen, 4 books
Xianyi Yang, 4 books
Tong Su, 4 books
Su Tong, 4 books
Xun Lu, 4 books


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