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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ren Long, 24 books
Yan Mo, 22 books
Manjuan Zhang, 22 books
Dewei Wang, 22 books
Lu Xun, 21 books
Yishu, 21 books
Shuxin Chang, 20 books
Li Chi, 16 books
Wu, Cheng'en, 14 books
Wuyuanbadao, 14 books
Wenxuan Cao, 13 books
Wolongsheng, 13 books
Feng, Menglong, 12 books
Zhongguo zuo jia xie hui, 12 books
Jingming Guo, 12 books
Yongyi Zeng, 12 books
Yiwu Xin, 12 books
Ning Tie, 11 books
Fuwei Li, 11 books
Chih-tsing Hsia, 10 books
Nai'an Shi, 10 books
Pingyuan Chen, 10 books
Runqi Yu, 10 books
Pingwa Jia, 10 books
Zhizhu, 10 books


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