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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Guglielmo Cinque, 10 books
Howard Lasnik, 10 books
Noam Chomsky, 9 books
A. Haase, 8 books
Andrew Carnie, 8 books
Andrew Radford, 8 books
Norbert Hornstein, 8 books
David Adger, 7 books
Peter W. Culicover, 7 books
Richard S. Kayne, 7 books
Joseph Aoun, 7 books
Cedric Boeckx, 6 books
Kleanthes K. Grohmann, 6 books
Uzzi Ornan, 6 books
Mair, John, 6 books
H. I. Strang, 6 books
J. E. Miller, 6 books
Snježana Kordić, 6 books
Hubert Haider, 6 books
Sorin Stati, 6 books
Otto Jespersen, 5 books
Maurice Gross, 5 books
ʻAbd Allāh ibn Yūsuf Ibn Hishām, 5 books
Georges Le Bidois, 5 books
Liliane M. V. Haegeman, 5 books


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