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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Christopher Kendris, 21 books
Dana Meachen Rau, 12 books
Ŭng-mo Kim, 8 books
Henry Strutz, 7 books
Louis-Nicholas Bescherelle, 6 books
Richard A. Spears, 5 books
Paul Imbs, 5 books
Bescherelle, 5 books
David M. Stillman, 5 books
Betty-Ann Buss, 5 books
Michiko Ogura, 5 books
L. I. Pirogova, 4 books
Vincent Luciani, 4 books
Alphonse G. Juilland, 4 books
Manuel Criado de Val, 4 books
Maurice Gross, 4 books
Marcel Danesi, 4 books
Roland A. Lange, 4 books
Larousse (Firm), 4 books
Rory Ryder, 4 books
Yannong Wang, 4 books
Jaime Garza Bores, 4 books
Baldur Panzer, 4 books
A. Berthelot, 4 books
Vincent Foster Hopper, 4 books


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