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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Wilhelm Gesenius, 53 books
Shlomo Haramati, 33 books
Johann Buxtorf, 26 books
Chaim Rabin, 24 books
Uzzi Ornan, 17 books
William Rainey Harper, 17 books
Academy of the Hebrew Language, Jerusalem, 17 books
Reuven Sivan, 16 books
Ludwig Hugo Köhler, 15 books
Aḳademyah la-lashon ha-ʻIvrit (Jerusalem), 15 books
Joshua Blau, 14 books
James Strong, 14 books
Eitan Avneyon, 13 books
Eduard König, 13 books
Wilhelm Bacher, 13 books
Avraham Even-Shoshan, 13 books
Haiim B. Rosén, 13 books
William Robertson, 13 books
David Kimhi, 12 books
Franz Praetorius, 12 books
I. Palhan, 12 books
Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, 12 books
William Chomsky, 11 books
Heinrich Ewald, 11 books
Shelomo Morag, 11 books


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