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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jane Belk Moncure, 85 books
Cynthia Fitterer Klingel, 41 books
Jerry Pallotta, 36 books
Barbara DeRubertis, 35 books
Kelly Doudna, 29 books
Mary Elizabeth Salzmann, 22 books
Yanitzia Canetti, 20 books
Bobbie Kalman, 18 books
Alice K. Flanagan, 16 books
Bill Martin, 14 books
Roger Priddy, 13 books
Roger Knights, 12 books
Golden Books, 11 books
Richard Scarry, 11 books
Janet McDonnell, 11 books
Patricia Whitehead, 10 books
Lori Phillips, 10 books
Harriet Ziefert, 10 books
Oona Gaarder-Juntti, 10 books
Lyn Wendon, 9 books
Sarah Albee, 9 books
Katherine Hengel, 9 books
Crane, Carol, 8 books
Ida DeLage, 8 books
Vladimir Stepanov, 7 books


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