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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Martin Gilbert, 27 books
Ramsay Muir, 22 books
Conrad Malte-Brun, 21 books
Shou-ching Yang, 18 books
Geoffrey Barraclough, 13 books
Rand McNally, 12 books
Ptolemy, 11 books
Xuanzang, 9 books
Thomas Maurice, 8 books
Hammond Incorporated., 8 books
Ordnance Survey, 8 books
Haywood, John, 8 books
James Francis Horrabin, 8 books
Colin McEvedy, 8 books
Derek Hayes, 7 books
Alan R. H. Baker, 7 books
Paul R. Magocsi, 7 books
Vasilii Vladimirovich Bartold, 7 books
Darby, H. C., 6 books
Norman John Greville Pounds, 6 books
William R. Shepherd, 6 books
Menashe Har-El, 6 books
Xavier de Planhol, 6 books
Serge Courville, 6 books
Yilin Zou, 6 books


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