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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jack Belden, 2 books
John Israel, 2 books
Mitsuyoshi Himeta, 2 books
Hsiao-wei Chʻen, 1 book
Kugizaki, Mamoru, 1 book
Yang, Jianxin., 1 book
Tang Tsou, 1 book
Liu, Qing, 1 book
Ma, Xulun, 1 book
Hong Zhang, 1 book
A. Doak Barnett, 1 book
G. Stuart Gelder, 1 book
John S. Service, 1 book
Ross, Stewart., 1 book
Desmond Neill, 1 book
Franklin Lien Ho, 1 book
Suzie Guth, 1 book
Yushu Chen, 1 book
John Maxwell Hamilton, 1 book
Israel Epstein, 1 book
Chaozhu Wang, 1 book
Chaoguang Wang, 1 book
Han'guo Zhu, 1 book
Aizhen Feng, 1 book
Suzanne Pepper, 1 book


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