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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Kieran McCarthy, 9 books
S. J. Connolly, 8 books
Thomas Bartlett, 7 books
Ian McBride, 6 books
Tim Pat Coogan, 6 books
Jane H. Ohlmeyer, 6 books
Brendan Bradshaw, 5 books
Brendan Smith, 5 books
Alvin Jackson, 5 books
Martyn Bennett, 5 books
Alan O'Day, 5 books
Nicky Rossiter, 5 books
Seán Duffy, 5 books
Donald Harman Akenson, 5 books
F. X. Martin, 5 books
Moody, T. W., 4 books
Oona Frawley, 4 books
David George Boyce, 4 books
Andrew Hadfield, 4 books
George Fletcher, 4 books
Rosemary Kelly, 4 books
Jane Ohlmeyer, 4 books
T. C. Barnard, 4 books
John Gibney, 4 books
W. E. Vaughan, 4 books


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