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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
David George Boyce, 5 books
Michael Marsh, 5 books
Michael Gallagher, 4 books
Bryan Fanning, 3 books
Maura Adshead, 3 books
Dermot Keogh, 3 books
Fiachra Kennedy, 3 books
Gary Murphy, 3 books
Katy Hayward, 3 books
Christine Kinealy, 3 books
S. J. Connolly, 3 books
Niamh Hardiman, 3 books
William J. Crotty, 2 books
Michael Hurst, 2 books
James Loughlin, 2 books
Richard English, 2 books
Alvin Jackson, 2 books
Jonathan Swift, 2 books
Wilson, David A., 2 books
T. W. Moody, 2 books
Sean McConville, 2 books
John Coakley, 2 books
James Livesey, 2 books
Karin Gilland, 2 books
Richard Sinnott, 2 books


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