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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jeff Cohen, 3 books
Michel Auger, 2 books
Brian Brennan, 2 books
Alexandrine Civard-Racinais, 2 books
Robert MacNeil, 2 books
Jeanne Beker, 2 books
Theodore H. White, 2 books
Guy Sylvestre, 1 book
James Croil, 1 book
Floyd S. Chalmers, 1 book
Don Kowet, 1 book
Jules Bertaut, 1 book
William Harlan Hale, 1 book
Peter W. Cox, 1 book
Nelofer Pazira, 1 book
Robert Stinson, 1 book
Joe Fiorito, 1 book
Geoffrey Stevens, 1 book
Priscilla Metcalf, 1 book
Eddie Doherty, 1 book
Simma Holt, 1 book
Robert Sellar, 1 book
Edward Weeks, 1 book
Arthur Prager, 1 book
Nelly Wilson, 1 book


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