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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Lee J. Ames, 18 books
John Montroll, 14 books
Robbin Cuddy, 10 books
Doug Lindstrand, 10 books
Arthur Zaidenberg, 8 books
Jim Arnosky, 8 books
Diana Fisher, 7 books
Colleen Carroll, 7 books
Nicole Brecke, 7 books
Walter Foster Jr. Creative Team, 7 books
Abby Colich, 6 books
Christopher Hart, 5 books
Will Bullas, 5 books
Lin Wellford, 5 books
Barbara Soloff-Levy, 5 books
Philippe Legendre, 5 books
Ernest Thompson Seton, 5 books
Ed Emberley, 5 books
J. C. Amberlyn, 5 books
Christopher Hart, 5 books
Mark Bergin, 5 books
Vanessa Mooncie, 5 books
Thomas Bewick, 4 books
Alan Houghton Brodrick, 4 books
Freddie Levin, 4 books


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