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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Pablo Picasso, 299 books
Josep Palau i Fabre, 25 books
Roland Penrose, 14 books
David Douglas Duncan, 13 books
Werner Spies, 12 books
Pierre Daix, 11 books
Anne Baldassari, 10 books
Marie-Laure Bernadac, 9 books
Brigitte Baer, 8 books
Brassaï, 8 books
Marilyn McCully, 6 books
Françoise Gilot, 6 books
Jean Leymarie, 6 books
Elizabeth Cowling, 6 books
Lael Tucker Wertenbaker, 6 books
André Verdet, 5 books
Hélène Parmelin, 5 books
Edward Quinn, 5 books
Roberto Otero, 5 books
Ingo F. Walther, 5 books
Josep Palau y Fabre, 5 books
Penrose, Roland Sir, 5 books
Fernande Olivier, 5 books
Jaime Sabartés, 4 books
Cooper, Douglas, 4 books


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