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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Albert Gleizes, 9 books
Guillaume Apollinaire, 6 books
Juan Gris, 5 books
Pablo Picasso, 5 books
Fernand Léger, 5 books
Georges Édouard Lemaître, 4 books
Paul Fechter, 4 books
David Cottington, 4 books
Cooper, Douglas, 3 books
Rivera, Diego, 3 books
Green, Christopher, 3 books
Jeanine Warnod, 3 books
John Golding, 3 books
Kenneth Wayne, 3 books
Jiri Svestka, 3 books
Donna Stein, 2 books
Gino Severini, 2 books
Cecily Mackworth, 2 books
Nicole Worms de Romilly, 2 books
André Lhote, 2 books
Soffici, Ardengo, 2 books
Burr Wallen, 2 books
Pierre Daix, 2 books
Andrew Gibbon Williams, 2 books
Umbro Apollonio, 2 books


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