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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
André Breton, 28 books
René Magritte, 26 books
Salvador Dalí, 24 books
Mary Ann Caws, 12 books
Dawn Ades, 12 books
J. H. Matthews, 12 books
Patrick Waldberg, 11 books
Ades, Dawn., 10 books
Max Ernst, 9 books
Robert Descharnes, 9 books
José Pierre, 8 books
José Pierre, 8 books
Sarane Alexandrian, 7 books
Georges Sebbag, 7 books
Pablo Picasso, 7 books
Uwe M. Schneede, 6 books
Gérard Durozoi, 6 books
Jacques Meuris, 6 books
Whitney Chadwick, 6 books
René Passeron, 6 books
Werner Spies, 6 books
Georges Édouard Lemaître, 5 books
Tristan Tzara, 5 books
Schwarz, Arturo, 5 books
Rafal Olbinski, 5 books


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