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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
John Montroll, 58 books
Michael G. LaFosse, 55 books
Duy Nguyen, 25 books
Florence Temko, 25 books
Steve Biddle, 20 books
Tom Angleberger, 16 books
Tomoko Fuse, 15 books
Nick Robinson, 14 books
Mari Ono, 14 books
Megumi Biddle, 13 books
Tuttle Publishing Staff, 13 books
Paul Jackson, 12 books
Rick Beech, 12 books
Kunihiko Kasahara, 11 books
Makoto Yamaguchi, 10 books
Paul Jackson, 10 books
Yoshihide Momotani, 10 books
Atsuko Nakata, 9 books
Christopher L. Harbo, 9 books
Fumiaki Shingu, 9 books
Richard L. Alexander, 9 books
Masahiro Chatani, 9 books
Eric Kenneway, 8 books
Harbin, Robert, 8 books
Robinson, Nick, 8 books


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