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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Florence Temko, 16 books
Randel McGee, 10 books
Chunfang Liu, 10 books
Michael Grater, 9 books
Tomoko Fuse, 7 books
Better Homes and Gardens, 6 books
Judy Ritchie, 6 books
Yingtian Hu, 6 books
Michael G. LaFosse, 5 books
Dennison Manufacturing Company., 5 books
Joseph Leeming, 5 books
Paul Jackson, 5 books
Anna Galera Bassachs, 5 books
Atsuko Nakata, 5 books
Jackson, Paul, 5 books
E. Richard Churchill, 5 books
Makoto Yamaguchi, 5 books
Joan Irvine, 5 books
Marie Browning, 4 books
Sara Lynn, 4 books
Trice Boerens, 4 books
Giza Frankel, 4 books
Huohua Wang, 4 books
Marie Ebert, 4 books
Yoshihide Momotani, 4 books


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