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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Wang, Shucun., 16 books
Hanzhong Zuo, 12 books
Shucun Wang, 12 books
Helmuth Theodor Bossert, 12 books
Cynthia Weill, 11 books
M. A. Nekrasova, 11 books
Jiming Yu, 10 books
Yuan Tie, 10 books
Jean Lipman, 9 books
Lianhai Wang, 9 books
Paul Petrescu, 8 books
Mizuo, Hiroshi, 8 books
Songnian Bo, 8 books
Xianlin Lan, 8 books
Muneyoshi Yanagi, 7 books
I͡Aŭhen Mikhaĭlavich Sakhuta, 7 books
Lusheng Pan, 7 books
Ying Zhang, 7 books
Yiyi Xu, 7 books
Man-hŭi Kim, 7 books
Hong Shen, 7 books
Domanovszky, György., 6 books
Edit Fél, 6 books
Josef Vydra, 6 books
Chuck Rosenak, 6 books


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