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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
D. H. Lawrence, 4 books
Joseph Conrad, 4 books
John Fowles, 4 books
Jeffrey Archer, 3 books
Ruth Rendell, 3 books
Brian Gatten, 3 books
Stephen K. Land, 2 books
Douglas John Hewitt, 2 books
Rod Liddle, 2 books
Colin Clarke, 2 books
Ronald P. Draper, 2 books
Jeremy Hawthorn, 2 books
John Tyerman Williams, 2 books
Kermode, Frank, 2 books
Richard Curle, 2 books
Barbara Nathan Hardy, 2 books
H. M. Daleski, 2 books
Frederick Robert Karl, 2 books
Norman Page, 2 books
Daniel Moran, 2 books
Clive Hart, 2 books
Sheldon Brivic, 2 books
Morris Golden, 2 books
Kennedy, Alan., 2 books
Bock, Martin, 2 books


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