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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Harold Bloom, 21 books
Sakukazu Uehara, 18 books
Mrs. Anna Jameson, 18 books
William Hazlitt, 16 books
William Shakespeare, 16 books
Shinsuke Murofushi, 13 books
Arthur Miller, 12 books
Robert L. Gale, 12 books
Mary Cowden Clarke, 10 books
David L. Hammer, 9 books
David Holbrook, 9 books
Richardson, William, 8 books
Charles Dickens, 8 books
Paris, Bernard J., 8 books
Rong Nai, 8 books
Trevor H. Hall, 7 books
John Palmer, 7 books
Dympna Callaghan, 7 books
Heinrich Heine, 6 books
J. B. Priestley, 6 books
David Day, 6 books
Tennessee Williams, 6 books
Hiroaki Ikeda, 6 books
Elmer Edgar Stoll, 5 books
Michael Harrison, 5 books


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