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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Natalie Edwards, 4 books
Jackson J. Benson, 3 books
Stefan Zweig, 3 books
Miqdād Raḥīm, 3 books
Maggie Berg, 3 books
Arnold L. Weinstein, 3 books
Hubert Zapf, 2 books
Helene Moglen, 2 books
Agnieszka Salska, 2 books
Micheline Tison-Braun, 2 books
Philippe Vilain, 2 books
Patricia Ann Meyer Spacks, 2 books
Nick Halpern, 2 books
Bruno von Lutz, 2 books
Joel B. Altman, 2 books
Williamson, Alan, 2 books
Gardner, Thomas, 2 books
Barbara A. Schapiro, 2 books
David Lucking, 2 books
Liam Harte, 2 books
Jan-Melissa Schramm, 2 books
Jonathan Holden, 2 books
Andrew Mossin, 2 books
R. Poignault, 2 books
Finn Fordham, 2 books


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