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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Herman Melville, 27 books
Merton M. Sealts, 6 books
Hershel Parker, 6 books
Newton Arvin, 5 books
Tyrus Hillway, 5 books
Charles Olson, 5 books
Higgins, Brian, 4 books
Howard Paton Vincent, 4 books
Horatio Bridge, 4 books
William B. Dillingham, 4 books
Larry Edward Wegener, 4 books
John Frederic Bennett, 3 books
Darrel Abel, 3 books
Viola Sachs, 3 books
William Braswell, 3 books
Kevin J. Hayes, 3 books
Jay Parini, 3 books
Robert L. Gale, 3 books
Daniel Paliwoda, 3 books
Stern, Milton R., 3 books
T. Walter Herbert, 3 books
Bryant, John, 3 books
Leon Howard, 3 books
Theodore L. Gross, 2 books
Levin, Harry, 2 books


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