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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ernest Hemingway, 13 books
Thomas Wolfe, 11 books
Nathaniel Hawthorne, 11 books
Anne Lamott, 11 books
Augusten Burroughs, 10 books
William S. Burroughs, 9 books
John B. Sanford, 9 books
Kurt Vonnegut, 8 books
Ernest K. Gann, 8 books
William Faulkner, 7 books
Frederick Buechner, 7 books
William Dean Howells, 7 books
Matthew Joseph Bruccoli, 7 books
Andrew Field, 7 books
Larry McMurtry, 6 books
David Plante, 6 books
John Updike, 6 books
Philip Roth, 6 books
Frank N. Magill, 6 books
Caldwell, Erskine, 5 books
Henry James Jr., 5 books
Wright Morris, 5 books
Jay Parini, 5 books
John Steinbeck, 5 books
Harold Bloom, 5 books


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