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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, 22 books
Ann Rachlin, 18 books
Augusta Stevenson, 13 books
Tomie dePaola, 12 books
Isaac Bashevis Singer, 11 books
Marcel Pagnol, 11 books
Louis Austin Warren, 10 books
Carolyn Meyer, 9 books
Peter Roop, 9 books
Mary Karr, 9 books
Tony Hart, 9 books
Tiki Barber, 8 books
Montrew Dunham, 8 books
Tasalimā Nāsarina, 7 books
Sterling North, 7 books
Dylan Thomas, 6 books
Elie Wiesel, 6 books
Valerie Weber, 6 books
James Stevenson, 6 books
Esmeralda Santiago, 6 books
Heinrich Böll, 6 books
Alice Taylor, 6 books
Bob Artley, 6 books
Carlos M. N. Eire, 6 books
Laurence Santrey, 6 books


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