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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Antonio Favaro, 102 books
Galileo Galilei, 27 books
Johannes Kepler, 13 books
Tommaso Campanella, 10 books
Stillman Drake, 8 books
William R. Shea, 7 books
Domenico Berti, 6 books
Eugenio Albèri, 6 books
Annibale Fantoli, 6 books
Wallace, William A., 6 books
Ludovico Geymonat, 5 books
Alexandre Koyré, 5 books
Massimo Bucciantini, 5 books
Maria Celeste Galilei, 5 books
J. J. Fahie, 4 books
James Brodrick, 4 books
Emil Wohlwill, 4 books
Michael White, 4 books
Émile Namer, 4 books
Bertolt Brecht, 4 books
Mario Biagioli, 4 books
Enrico Bellone, 4 books
Ernan McMullin, 4 books
Sir David Brewster, 3 books
Pietro Redondi, 3 books


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