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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Niels Bohr, 19 books
Louis de Broglie, 15 books
Amit Goswami, 14 books
John R. Gribbin, 14 books
Albert Einstein, 14 books
Walter Greiner, 13 books
Alfred Landé, 12 books
Werner Heisenberg, 11 books
Stephen Hawking, 11 books
David Bohm, 11 books
Jagdish Mehra, 11 books
Pavel Exner, 10 books
Siegmund Brandt, 10 books
Alwyn Van der Merwe, 10 books
Max Born, 10 books
Claude Cohen-Tannoudji, 9 books
A. M. Gorbatov, 9 books
Josef M. Jauch, 8 books
Henry P. Stapp, 8 books
Paul Adrian Maurice Dirac, 8 books
John Clarke Slater, 8 books
Fred Alan Wolf, 8 books
Jean Maruani, 8 books
Eric Donkor, 8 books
Danah Zohar, 8 books


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