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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Albert Einstein, 30 books
Albert Einstein, 7 books
Ze'ev Rosenkranz, 5 books
Gerald Holton, 4 books
Alice Calaprice, 3 books
Gerald James Holton, 3 books
Stephanie Sammartino McPherson, 3 books
József Illy, 3 books
Robert Schulmann, 3 books
David Bodanis, 3 books
Tilman Sauer, 3 books
Walter Isaacson, 3 books
Don Brown, 2 books
Joseph Schwartz, 2 books
A. P. French, 2 books
Mike Venezia, 2 books
Michio Kaku, 2 books
Barry R. Parker, 2 books
Naomi Levy, 2 books
Michael Paterniti, 2 books
David E. Rowe, 2 books
Banesh Hoffman, 2 books
Tim Dedopulos, 2 books
Silvan S. Schweber, 2 books
Steven Gimbel, 2 books


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