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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Leslie Simon, 3 books
Ernesto Lechner, 2 books
Chiara Caporicci, 2 books
Rob Young, 2 books
Jiří J. K. Nebeský, 1 book
Matthew Bannister, 1 book
Kim Cooper, 1 book
Josh Frank, 1 book
Laura Lunardelli, 1 book
Veronika Kalmar, 1 book
Dave Thompson, 1 book
Stuart A. Kallen, 1 book
Incubus, 1 book
Spin Magazine, 1 book
Florinda Rinaldini, 1 book
Kyle Anderson, 1 book
Josef Alan, 1 book
Tim Neely, 1 book
Scott Schinder, 1 book
Wendy Fonarow, 1 book
Fred de Vries, 1 book
Rémi Pépin, 1 book
Kerry L. Smith, 1 book
Jakob Wenzer, 1 book
Jean-Pierre Turmel, 1 book


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