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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ellen Willis, 5 books
Wallace Wang, 3 books
Lisa Carver, 3 books
Mike Brake, 3 books
Myron Magnet, 3 books
Arthur Veno, 2 books
Ross Haenfler, 2 books
Benjamin Maria Baader, 2 books
Lee H. Bowker, 2 books
Alessandra Castellani, 2 books
William Finnegan, 2 books
Wally Wang, 2 books
Birgit Richard, 2 books
Mariana Caplan, 2 books
Richard Kadrey, 2 books
Peter O. Whitmer, 2 books
Paul Krassner, 2 books
William M. Kephart, 2 books
Frank Browning, 2 books
V. M. Anisimkov, 2 books
Klaus Farin, 2 books
W. W. Zellner, 2 books
Carlo Branzaglia, 2 books
Stanley Cohen, 2 books
Yūsuke Arai, 2 books


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