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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Naoshi Komi, 16 books
Jess Mowry, 15 books
Malcolm W. Klein, 15 books
Tim Bowler, 9 books
Stanley Tookie Williams, 9 books
Howell, James C., 8 books
Scott H. Decker, 8 books
Barbara Cottman Becnel, 8 books
Norah McClintock, 7 books
Akimi Yoshida, 7 books
Reymundo Sanchez, 7 books
Kiyo Fujiwara, 7 books
Max G. Manwaring, 7 books
Walter Dean Myers, 6 books
James F. Short, 6 books
Arlen Egley, 6 books
Brenda Novak, 5 books
Jason Porterfield, 5 books
Brian Azzarello, 5 books
Ryan Gattis, 5 books
Bernard O'Mahoney, 5 books
Bill James, 5 books
Lynne Ewing, 5 books
Luis J. Rodriguez, 5 books
George W. Knox, 5 books