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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Abbie Hoffman, 11 books
Ellen Willis, 7 books
J.-M.-A Servan, 7 books
Uwe Backes, 5 books
Staughton Lynd, 5 books
Jerry Rubin, 4 books
Christophe Bourseiller, 4 books
Richard L. Greaves, 4 books
Paul Buhle, 4 books
Massimo Teodori, 4 books
Tom Stoppard, 4 books
Guy Debord, 4 books
R. Serge Denisoff, 4 books
James R. Barrett, 3 books
Rudolf Rocker, 3 books
Francis Place, 3 books
Sidney Lens, 3 books
David Horowitz, 3 books
Roger Kimball, 3 books
David A. Neiwert, 3 books
Luciano Pellicani, 3 books
Robert Jay Lifton, 3 books
Jean-Michel Mension, 3 books
Hans-Gerd Jaschke, 3 books
Thomas Paine, 3 books


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