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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Guy Debord, 6 books
Samuel Bamford, 5 books
Mehedī Hāsāna Palāśa, 4 books
Pāla, Madhusūdana Ḍā, 4 books
Nagata, Hiroko, 3 books
Steve Martini, 3 books
Jonah Raskin, 3 books
Takita, Osamu., 2 books
Jon Ronson, 2 books
David Goodwillie, 2 books
Charles Brockden Brown, 2 books
Marge Piercy, 2 books
Gordon Friesen, 2 books
Paul Buhle, 2 books
George Eliot, 2 books
J.A. Howard, 2 books
Charles P. Roland, 2 books
Eric Leif Davin, 2 books
Miyuki Takahashi, 2 books
Carl Mirra, 2 books
Jean-Marie Apostolidès, 2 books
F.A. Neugebauer, 2 books
Tom Hayden, 2 books
Sutton Elbert Griggs, 2 books
Janelle Brown, 2 books


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