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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Terence Ball, 13 books
George McKenna, 12 books
Richard Dagger, 8 books
Stanley Feingold, 6 books
Uwe Backes, 6 books
Stanley Feingold, 6 books
David Horowitz, 5 books
Paul Preston, 5 books
Roger Eatwell, 5 books
Roberto D'Alimonte, 5 books
Reo Millard Christenson, 4 books
Andrew Heywood, 4 books
Willie Thompson, 4 books
Heather Wokusch, 4 books
Anthony Wright, 4 books
Anthony Giddens, 4 books
Nancy Sue Love, 4 books
Zeev Sternhell, 4 books
Jerome Tuccille, 4 books
Jacques Du Perron, 4 books
Hans-Georg Betz, 4 books
Patricio Dooner, 4 books
Hans Rogger, 3 books
Glenn Beck, 3 books
Laurent Baumel, 3 books


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