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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Charles de Gaulle, 24 books
Jean Raymond Tournoux, 9 books
André Malraux, 9 books
Alfred Fabre-Luce, 8 books
Werth, Alexander, 7 books
Jean Paul Ollivier, 7 books
Philippe Oulmont, 7 books
Pierre Lefranc, 6 books
Maurice Vaïsse, 6 books
Léon Noël, 6 books
Alain Larcan, 5 books
Paul Reynaud, 5 books
Charlot, Jean, 5 books
Louis Terrenoire, 5 books
Odile Rudelle, 4 books
Robert Mengin, 4 books
Anne Rouanet, 4 books
Rémy, 4 books
André Figueras, 4 books
Jean Lacouture, 4 books
Jacques Vendroux, 4 books
Philippe Alexandre, 4 books
Serge Berstein, 4 books
Michel Tauriac, 4 books
Michel Cazenave, 4 books