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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Henry A. Giroux, 12 books
Chuck Klosterman, 11 books
Greil Marcus, 8 books
Arthur Asa Berger, 6 books
Stephen Feinstein, 6 books
M. Thomas Inge, 6 books
Bob Batchelor, 5 books
Paul Buhle, 5 books
Joan Didion, 5 books
John Belton, 5 books
Peter Knight, 4 books
Marshall William Fishwick, 4 books
Chris Epting, 4 books
Ray Broadus Browne, 4 books
M. Keith Booker, 4 books
Jane Stern, 4 books
Madeleine Sorapure, 4 books
Richard Campbell, 4 books
Hunter S. Thompson, 4 books
Douglas Kellner, 4 books
Gerald Lyn Early, 4 books
Douglas Kellner, 4 books
Shirley R. Steinberg, 4 books
Charles M. Tatum, 4 books
Frank Hoffmann, 3 books