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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Victor Buchli, 5 books
Michael E. Lamb, 4 books
Adam Kuper, 4 books
Peter N. Stearns, 4 books
Sander L. Gilman, 4 books
Mary Kaldor, 4 books
Andrew Irving, 4 books
Rosie Cox, 4 books
David Howes, 4 books
Sheila Jeffreys, 4 books
Peter Aggleton, 4 books
Marlies Glasius, 3 books
Jon P. Mitchell, 3 books
Marvin B. Sussman, 3 books
Richard G. Parker, 3 books
Arthur Asa Berger, 3 books
Simon J. Williams, 3 books
Andrew King, 3 books
Bryan S. Turner, 3 books
Gilbert H. Herdt, 3 books
John Storey, 3 books
Ben Highmore, 3 books
Xiaowei Zang, 3 books
Kamala Kempadoo, 3 books
Sarah Pink, 3 books