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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Frank Schmalleger, 18 books
Francis T. Cullen, 16 books
Freda Adler, 14 books
John Muncie, 13 books
Anthony Walsh, 13 books
Fujimoto, Tetsuya., 12 books
Denis Szabo, 12 books
William S. Laufer, 11 books
Dragan Milovanovic, 11 books
John Hagan, 11 books
Ronet Bachman, 11 books
David P. Farrington, 10 books
Bruce A. Arrigo, 10 books
Piers Beirne, 10 books
Jock Young, 10 books
Larry J. Siegel, 10 books
Gregg Barak, 10 books
Helmut Kury, 9 books
J. Mitchell Miller, 9 books
Sir Leon Radzinowicz, 9 books
Matt DeLisi, 9 books
Frank E. Hagan, 9 books
Hugh D. Barlow, 9 books
Nigel South, 9 books
Robert Agnew, 8 books


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