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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Freda Adler, 12 books
William S. Laufer, 10 books
Frank Schmalleger, 10 books
Gerhard Otto Walter Mueller, 10 books
John Hagan, 8 books
Kären M. Hess, 7 books
Frank E. Hagan, 7 books
Fujimoto, Tetsuya., 7 books
Gregg Barak, 7 books
J. Mitchell Miller, 6 books
Arthur MacDonald, 6 books
Wolfgang, Marvin E., 6 books
Antonio Beristáin, 6 books
Bruce A. Arrigo, 6 books
Gilbert Geis, 6 books
Joseph L. Victor, 6 books
Jock Young, 6 books
Larry J. Siegel, 6 books
Hugh D. Barlow, 6 books
Ronet Bachman, 6 books
Francis T. Cullen, 5 books
Mark L. Dantzker, 5 books
S. Giora Shoham, 5 books
Cliff Roberson, 5 books
Henry Pontell, 5 books


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