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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Clive R. Hollin, 16 books
I︠U︡. M. Antoni︠a︡n, 13 books
Katherine M. Ramsland, 10 books
David V. Canter, 10 books
David P. Farrington, 9 books
Curt R. Bartol, 9 books
Cesare Lombroso, 8 books
John E. Douglas, 8 books
Alexander, Franz, 7 books
Antoni͡an, I͡U. M., 7 books
Dahua Luo, 7 books
Ann Rule, 7 books
David Abrahamsen, 6 books
Franco Ferracuti, 6 books
Richard Wortley, 6 books
D. A. Andrews, 6 books
Thomas Grisso, 6 books
Kevin Howells, 6 books
John E. Douglas, 6 books
David Canter, 6 books
Christian Debuyst, 5 books
William Healy, 5 books
James McGuire, 5 books
Ronald Roesch, 5 books
James Alan Fox, 5 books


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