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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Marc J. Ackerman, 11 books
Stephen White, 11 books
Kirk Heilbrun, 8 books
Lawrence S. Wrightsman, 8 books
Ray Bull, 7 books
Michael P. Toglia, 7 books
Curt R. Bartol, 7 books
Brian L. Cutler, 7 books
Ronald Roesch, 6 books
Stanley L. Brodsky, 6 books
Anne M. Bartol, 6 books
Randy K. Otto, 6 books
Graham J. Towl, 6 books
Andrew W. Kane, 6 books
Thomas Grisso, 5 books
James R. P. Ogloff, 5 books
Dennis Howitt, 5 books
Gail S. Goodman, 5 books
Weiner, Irving B., 5 books
Bruce Dennis Sales, 5 books
Wolfgang, Marvin E., 4 books
Kenneth S. Pope, 4 books
Anna C. Salter, 4 books
Gary B. Melton, 4 books
Elizabeth F. Loftus, 4 books


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