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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Richard von Krafft-Ebing, 11 books
Michael L. Perlin, 10 books
Henry Maudsley, 9 books
John Parry, 6 books
T. Duncan Greenlees, 5 books
Forbes Winslow, 4 books
Henry Weihofen, 4 books
John Charles Bucknill, Sir, 4 books
Bruce A. Arrigo, 4 books
Francis Wharton, 4 books
Gary B. Melton, 4 books
G. V. Nazarenko, 4 books
Andreas Kapardis, 4 books
Yōji Nakatani, 4 books
F. Koenraadt, 4 books
Isaac Ray, 4 books
José Ingenieros, 3 books
Lawrence Douglas, 3 books
Edward C. Mann, 3 books
Paul R. Friedman, 3 books
Jacob Bazak, 3 books
Bruce J. Ennis, 3 books
J. G. Spurzheim, 3 books
Thomas Grisso, 3 books
Peter Bartlett, 3 books


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