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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Madeleine Davis, 3 books
Simon A. Grolnick, 2 books
Lewis A. Kirshner, 2 books
Gillian Wilce, 2 books
Adam Phillips, 2 books
Anne Clancier, 2 books
D. W. Winnicott, 2 books
Brett Kahr, 2 books
Jan Abram, 2 books
Eva Busch, 2 books
Dodi Goldman, 2 books
Peter L. Rudnytsky, 2 books
Yun-gyu Chŏng, 1 book
Nancy Van Wyk Phillips, 1 book
Andreas Giannakoulas, 1 book
Martina Feurer, 1 book
Amedeo Stella, 1 book
Robert E. Gorrell, 1 book
Claude Geets, 1 book
Judith M. Hughes, 1 book
Rod Morgan, 1 book
Janice Doane, 1 book
Devon Hodges, 1 book
Simon Grolnick, 1 book
Leonard Barking, 1 book


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