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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
American Academy of Pediatrics, 13 books
Mina K. Dulcan, 9 books
Jean Piaget, 8 books
Charles E. Schaefer, 8 books
Adam Finn, 8 books
Donald E. Greydanus, 7 books
Richard A. Gardner, 7 books
Michel Hersen, 7 books
Samir S. Shah, 7 books
Andrew J. Pollard, 7 books
Michael Rutter, 6 books
Robert Coles, 6 books
Nancy Boyd Webb, 6 books
David G. Nichols, 6 books
Johnny L. Matson, 6 books
Lisa A. Kurtz, 5 books
M. N. Hegde, 5 books
Kenneth W. Wright, 5 books
Eric J. Mash, 5 books
Jane W. Ball, 5 books
Steven J. Soldin, 5 books
Sandra Hall, 5 books
Martin Herbert, 5 books
Ronald T. Brown, 5 books
C. G. D. Brook, 5 books


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