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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Glen O. Gabbard M.D., 9 books
Robert Langs, 9 books
Peter L. Giovacchini, 9 books
Robert T. Waska, 7 books
John E. Gedo, 5 books
Herbert S. Strean, 4 books
Salman Akhtar, 4 books
Alessandra Lemma, 4 books
D. W. Winnicott, 4 books
Lawrence E. Hedges, 4 books
Michael Eigen, 4 books
Anne Alvarez, 4 books
Erich Fromm, 3 books
Peter Fonagy, 3 books
Meissner, W. W., 3 books
Monica Lanyado, 3 books
Arnold Goldberg, 3 books
David E. Scharff, 3 books
Horst Kachele, 3 books
Harvey J. Schwartz, 3 books
Marilyn Charles, 3 books
Judy Cooper, 3 books
Dimitris Anastasopoulos, 3 books
John Tsiantis, 3 books
Robert Waska, 3 books


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