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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Nader Hasan, 16 books
Michel Foucault, 12 books
Iran, 12 books
Ukraine, 11 books
Heinz Müller-Dietz, 10 books
V. I. Seliverstov, 10 books
Michael H. Tonry, 10 books
Walker, Nigel., 10 books
Poland., 9 books
Cesare Beccaria, 8 books
Andrew Knapp, 8 books
Jeremy Bentham, 8 books
Jeffrie G. Murphy, 7 books
A. V. Brilliantov, 6 books
Russia (Federation), 6 books
Thom Brooks, 6 books
Bingzhi Zhao, 6 books
Xinglong Qiu, 6 books
United States. Congress. House. Committee on Patents, 6 books
Helmut Kury, 5 books
Leszek Lernell, 5 books
Geoffrey P. Alpert, 5 books
Edward Livingston, 5 books
Kenneth C. Haas, 5 books
Michael Tonry, 5 books