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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Austin Sarat, 11 books
Kate Nash, 8 books
Jürgen Habermas, 7 books
Pierre Bourdieu, 7 books
Norberto Bobbio, 7 books
Irving Louis Horowitz, 6 books
Rose, Richard, 6 books
Ash Amin, 6 books
Norbert Elias, 6 books
Mattei Dogan, 5 books
Heinrich Busshoff, 5 books
Anthony Giddens, 5 books
Betty A. Dobratz, 5 books
Erik Allardt, 4 books
Niklas Luhmann, 4 books
Irving Horowitz, 4 books
Bryan S. Turner, 4 books
Roberto Mangabeira Unger, 4 books
Neovi M. Karakatsanis, 4 books
Barbara Wejnert, 4 books
Jerzy J. Wiatr, 4 books
Nelson W. Polsby, 4 books
Peti︠a︡ Pachkova, 4 books
Danilo Zolo, 4 books
Fred I. Greenstein, 4 books


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