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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Hermann Diels, 2 books
Thomas Aquinas, 2 books
John W. Danford, 1 book
William W. Fortenbaugh, 1 book
Boehm, Rudolf, 1 book
Πλάτων, 1 book
Olof Gigon, 1 book
Raimo Lehti, 1 book
Boethius, 1 book
Edward Booth, 1 book
John B. Morrall, 1 book
Kapp, Ernst, 1 book
Jonathan Lear, 1 book
Alexander Aichele, 1 book
David Ross, 1 book
Michael Pakaluk, 1 book
Averroës, 1 book
Bruno Centrone, 1 book
Manuel Knoll, 1 book
Charles Melman, 1 book
Christian Strub, 1 book
David Bloch, 1 book
Theokritos Kouremenos, 1 book
Lauri Routila, 1 book
W. W. Fortenbaugh, 1 book