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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Saint Albertus Magnus, 49 books
Étienne Gilson, 42 books
Thomas Aquinas, 30 books
Moses Maimonides, 28 books
M. de Wulf, 20 books
John Duns Scotus, 19 books
Ramon Llull, 18 books
Grabmann, Martin, 18 books
Fārābī, 18 books
Fernand van Steenberghen, 16 books
John Marenbon, 15 books
Peter Abelard, 14 books
Konstanty Michalski, 13 books
Marie-Dominique Chenu, 12 books
Dov Schwartz, 12 books
Paul Vignaux, 11 books
Frederick Charles Copleston, 11 books
hyeronimus a montefortino, 11 books
Avicenna, 9 books
Saʻadia ben Joseph, 9 books
Arthur Hyman, 9 books
William of Ockham, 9 books
Kurt Flasch, 9 books
Alain de Libera, 9 books
Henry of Ghent, 9 books


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