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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ronna Burger, 2 books
Antonio De Caro, 2 books
Seth Benardete, 2 books
Homer, 2 books
Michael M. Nikoletseas, 2 books
Jan Maarten Bremer, 1 book
Robert Graves, 1 book
Blackwell, Thomas, 1 book
Ulrico Pannuti, 1 book
Rhys Carpenter, 1 book
Pharr, Clyde, 1 book
Matthew Arnold, 1 book
Eduard Norden, 1 book
Gabriel Germain, 1 book
Albert Bates Lord, 1 book
Sylvie Perceau, 1 book
Dag Haug, 1 book
G. P. Shipp, 1 book
Henry Balfour, 1 book
Garrigues, Pierre, 1 book
Claudia D. Johnson, 1 book
Timothy Severin, 1 book
Jean Dorat, 1 book
Guillermo Serés, 1 book
Moran, 1 book


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