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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Harold Bloom, 17 books
Ryūji Takasaki, 7 books
Sakuramoto, Tomio, 6 books
Cysarz, Herbert, 5 books
Boris Andreevich Leonov, 5 books
Joachim Latacz, 5 books
Lesław Bartelski, 5 books
Harold Bloom, 5 books
L. Lazarev, 4 books
Stephen Crane, 4 books
Alesʹ Adamovich, 4 books
Philip D. Beidler, 4 books
Jon Stallworthy, 4 books
Tianxing Wen, 4 books
Hajime Yuri, 4 books
Helen McPhail, 4 books
Kazuaki Kimura, 4 books
Yŏng-dŏk Sin, 4 books
Dominic Hibberd, 4 books
Pascal Fouché, 3 books
Anne Wright, 3 books
Yamashita, Hiroaki, 3 books
Steven Trout, 3 books
Stanley Cooperman, 3 books
Douglas Frame, 3 books


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